2023-24 Benefits & Perks

As an employee of Incredible Health, we couldn't be effective in achieving our mission without you. That's why we're continually looking for ways to enhance your employee experience, with benefit programs and perks that allow you to be successful in your work. Whether it's caring for your loved ones, staying healthy, or creating opportunities for more work-life balance, we want to provide you with meaningful support mechanisms.

Incredible Health employees contribute greatly to our dynamic environment, with each one of you playing a meaningful role in the success of the organization. As always, your feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

To Your Health

Incredible Health wants to make sure that you and your family members have access to the best possible medical, dental and vision care available.

To Your Wellness

Incredible Health believes that a happy mind and body makes a happy and successful employee, so we're pleased to offer counseling services, discounted gym memberships, and farm-fresh produce delivery.

To Your Wealth

Peace of mind allows you to focus on other areas, like work! That's why we think it's important to ensure your home, family and funds are protected. Incredible Health offers benefits like student debt refinancing and medical out-of-pocket expense financing.

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To Your Health

Incredible Health wants to make sure that you and your family members have access to the best possible medical care available. You can choose from four different medical plans, with two different carriers, all offering great coverage.

Your coverage becomes effective the first of the month following your date of hire.

Medical Cigna
Benefits In Network Out of Network In Network Out of Network In Network   Out of Network In Network
    Individual $1,500 $3,000 $0 $2,000 $0 $2,000 $0
    Family $3,000 $6,000 $0 $4,000 $0 $4,000 $0
Out of Pocket Maximum 
    Individual $3,000 $6,000 $7,400 $14,800 $4,000 $8,000 $1,500
    Family $6,000 $12,000 $14,800 $29,600 $8,000 $16,000 $3,000
Co-Insurance 10% 30% 30% 50% 10% 50% N/A
Office Visit Ded, then $50/$85 + 10% Ded + 30% $20/$50 Ded + 50% $20/$40 Ded + 50% $30
Urgent Care Ded + $85 Ded + 30% $50 Ded + 50% $40 Ded + 50% $30
Lab and X-ray Ded + 10% Ded + 30% $0 Ded + 50% $0 Ded + 50% $10
MRI/CT/PET Ded + 10% Ded + 30% 30%    Ded + 50%    10%    Ded + 50%    $50
Hospitalization Ded + 10% Ded + 30% 30% Ded + 50% 10% Ded + 50% $500
Outpatient Surgery Ded + 10% Ded + 30% 30% Ded + 50% 10% Ded + 50% $100
Emergency Room $250 (Waived if admitted) 
then Ded + 10%
$250 (Waived if admitted) 
then Ded + 30%
$200 (Waived if admitted) 
then Ded + 10%
- Rx Deductible* Combined with Medical $150 Ind / $300 Fam None None
- Generic Ded + $20 Not Covered Ded + $15 Not Covered $10 Not Covered $15
- Brand Ded + $60 Ded + $45 $35 $35
- Non-formulary   Ded + $100 Ded + $85 $70 $35
- Specialty  Ded + 30%
up to $250
Ded + 30%
up to $250
up to $250
up to $250
Employer Contribution to HSA $750 Individual / $1,500 w_Dependents N/A N/A N/A
- Employee Only $75.00 $0.00 $120.84 $0.00
- Employee + Spouse $185.00 $186.08 $437.21 $125.00
- Employee + Child(ren) $150.00 $152.25 $379.29 $100.00
- Employee + Family $300.00 $338.33 $696.01 $250.00

We have selected Guardian as our dental care insurance provider. Guardian's nationwide network of dentists provides you and your family members the flexibility to choose any dentist that you wish to use. With your Dental PPO plan, you can visit any dentist; but you pay less out of pocket when you choose a dentist in Guardian's DentalGuard Preferred network.

Your coverage becomes effective the first of the month following your date of hire.

Dental Guardian
Benefits In Network Out of Network
Annual Max $2,000
Orthodontia Lifetime Max $1,000
- Waived for Preventive Yes Yes
- Individual $50 $50
- Family Limit $150 $150
- Preventive 100% 100%
- Basic 80% 80%
- Major 50% 50%
- Orthodontia 50% 50%
Important Provisions
- Endodontic Services Basic
- Periodontal Maintenance Basic
- Periodontal Surgery Basic
- Oral Surgery (Simple Extractions) Basic
- Oral Surgery (Complex Extractions) Basic
Usual & Customary Negotiated Fee 99th percentile
- Employee Only $10.10
- Employee + Spouse $50.09
- Employee + Child(ren) $73.75
- Employee + Family $120.94

Just as with medical and dental care, we have selected a premier vision care plan, with Guardian as our insurance provider. Guardian utilizes the VSP network, which is the largest network of vision care providers in the U.S. This gives you and your family members the flexibility to choose any provider that you wish to use.

Your coverage becomes effective the first of the month following your date of hire.

Vision Guardian/VSP
Benefits In Network Out of Network
Office Visit Copay $10
Eye Exam Reimbursement 100% Up to $39
Lenses up to
- Single Vision 100% $23
- Bifocal $37
- Trifocal $49
Contact Lenses $200 $100
Frame Allowance $200 + 20% $46
- Eye Exam Every Calendar Year
- Lenses Every Calendar Year
- Frames Every Calendar Year
- Employee Only $2.58
- Employee + Spouse $12.84
- Employee + Child(ren) $13.08
- Family $25.42

To Your Wellness

EAP stands for Employee Assistance Program.

This program provides confidential counseling services to help you with challenges relating to work, family, stress, finances and other personal issues. Every employee is eligible, enrollment is automatic, and Incredible Health pays the full cost of coverage. Support is a phone call away.  

Get up to three (3) face to face visits per household per year and unlimited free telephonic consultation with an experienced EAP counselor 24/7.


In addition to the EAP program provided to all employees through Guardian, Cigna enrollees get access to an additional EAP program. Members get three (3) face-to-face visits* with Cigna’s EAP in addition to other free resources. Please click on the “Cigna Members – EAP” button to the right for more information.


In addition to the EAP program provided to all employees through Guardian, Kaiser enrollees get access to additional mental health related resources such as Talkspace and Calm app. 

Incredible Health encourages all employees to maintain great health and wellness. A major part of a healthy lifestyle is exercise, so we have made it easy to find fitness options near work or your home. Incredible Health provides a discounted gym membership to all benefited employees and discounted rates for their family members too.

One of the discounted gym memberships we sponsor is to 24 Hour Fitness. 24 Hour Fitness has locations everywhere you are! Where is the closest 24 Hour Fitness? Visit www.24hourfitness.com for location information.

To receive information on your discounted pricing send an email to 24hour@proco.global.



Incredible Health employees can receive a special discount of 10% off ongoing produce deliveries from Farm Fresh to You.

About Farm Fresh to You
Farm Fresh to You, founded in 1992, delivers fresh, local, seasonal produce to homes and offices in the greater Sacramento region, the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. Farming organically since 1976, we partner with other local farms to bring you the best variety of great tasting produce.

It’s easy to start:

  • Visit www.farmfreshtoyou.com to sign up
  • Enter your contact information and enter PROCO for your promotion code.
  • Choose the service and the frequency of your delivery that best meets your needs
  • Exclude items you would rather not receive

If you have questions regarding the Farm Fresh to you discounts you can email us at: contactus@farmfreshtoyou.com or call us at 800.796-6009.

ProCo Perks, powered by Beneplace, gives you access to several exclusive savings at theme parks such as Disneyland and Walt Disney World, with hotels, rental cars, retail, meal programs such as Blue Apron, education, movie tickets, sporting events, concert tickets, select dealerships such as BMW and that is just the beginning! There are over 400 different brands that offer exclusive discounts. Be sure to visit the site often as new discount deals are constantly being added.

How to sign up:

And begin saving!

Clever RX can help you start saving on prescription costs immediately.  Clever RX is 100% free to use, and you can save up to 80% off prescription drugs and beat copay prices. 

All you need to do is follow the steps below to unlock exclusive savings: 

  1. Download the free Clever RX app. 
  2. Enter your zip code and drug, and Clever RX checks for pharmacies near you that offer the lowest prices.  
  3. Choose your preferred pharmacy and show your voucher on your screen to the pharmacist.

You can also share the Clever RX app with your family by clicking “share” at the bottom of the App.  

​                                               Website : cleverrx.com

                                       Accepted at most pharmacies nationwide:


Please note, Clever RX cannot be used in conjunction with your health insurance plan. You would only use Clever RX if the price of the prescription under Clever Rx is less than your co-payment with insurance.  Payments for prescriptions under the Clever RX program will not accumulate toward your deductibles or out of pocket maximum under your health insurance plan.  Please contact ProCo should you have further questions regarding Clever RX. 

To Your Wealth

SoFi is a modern finance company that's fueling the shift to a bankless world. Our radical approach delivers unprecedented services for lending and wealth management. We evaluate applicants based on a holistic view of their financial well-being rather than a three digit score. Whether our members are looking to refinance their student loans, buy their dream home, or simply seek advice as they ascend in their careers, SoFi provides the best products and tools to match their ambitions and propel them to new levels of financial greatness.

  • Convenience—consolidate all your student loans into a single loan
  • Flexibility—choose for a variety of loan terms
  • No Commitment—no-obligation rate quote
  • $300 Bonus—receive a $300 welcome bonus*

*$300 welcome bonus only if you sign up and refinance through the button at right

Life insurance coverage is designed to help provide financial support and stability to your family should you pass away. Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance provides an extra layer of protection if you die or become dismembered in an accident. You can also cover your eligible spouse/domestic partner and child(ren).

Incredible Health now offers Voluntary Life and AD&D insurance for all full-time employees and this benefit is 100% employee-paid. If this is the first time you are enrolling in Incredible Health's benefits, Guardian will provide up to $200,000 of coverage without proof of health – this is called the Guarantee Issue amount! 

      • For You: You can purchase additional Life and AD&D coverage for yourself in increments of $10,000 up to a max of $200,000.
      • For Your Spouse: You can purchase additional Life and AD&D coverage for them in increments of $5,000 up to a max of $25,000, not to exceed 100% of employee election amount.
      • For Your Child(ren): You can purchase additional Life and AD&D coverage for them in increments of $5,000 up to a max of $10,000, not to exceed 100% of employee election amount.

For late enrollees, a covered member will need to complete an Evidence of Insurability (EOI) form and it must be approved by Guardian. EOI allows the insurance carrier to determine the risk in offering you additional coverage. In some cases, a physical exam or blood work may be required. After your enrollment, you will need to complete the EOI form.  You will receive a letter or email from your employer or Guardian with instructions and a unique link to submit your EOI form online. If you don’t complete this step, your coverage will not go into effect.


The Short-Term Disability plan is designed to provide you with income if you are unable to work due to injury, illness or other eligible events, including maternity.

Our benefits start on the first of the month following an employee's hire date.

Short-Term Disability Guardian
Class All Eligible Employees
Taxable Benefit Yes
Benefit Percentage 60%
Weekly Benefit Maximum $2,500
Elimination Period
•   Accident 7 Days
•   Sickness 7 Days
Benefit Duration 12 weeks

Hospital Indemnity offers protection for hospitalization when a sickness or injury occurs. This is especially helpful when an insured is hospitalized before their major medical deductible has been met, providing a financial safety net. Hospital Indemnity is provided to you through Guardian. 

Hospitalization Benefits:

  • Hospital/ICU Admission: pays $1,000 per admission, limited to 1 admission(s) per insured and 3 admission(s) per covered family per benefit year. 
  • Hospital/ICU Confinement: pays $100/$100 per day, limited to 30 day(s) per insured per benefit year. 

Please see the attached plan summary for coverage information and restrictions.

Accident Insurance helps you gain the advantage of financial protection thanks to the cash benefits paid directly to you. You also gain the financial empowerment to seek the treatment needed to get well. Accident Insurance is provided to you through Guardian. 

Please see the attached plan summary for coverage information and restrictions.

Critical Illness coverage helps provide financial support if diagnosed with a covered Critical Illness. Coverage provides a lump-sum cash benefit to help cover out-of-pocket expenses associated with a critical illness and treatment is needed. Critical Illness is provided to you through Guardian. 

Please see the attached plan summary for coverage information and restrictions.



You are eligible to open a Health Savings Account (HSA) if you are enrolled in the Cigna HDHP plan. 

How do Health Savings Accounts work?

  • Can only be opened if your medical plan is HSA-compatible.
  • Allows employers and employees to set federally pre-tax dollars aside for qualified medical expense use.
  • Funds contributed to your health savings account ROLL OVER every year.
  • Funds contributed always remain with the employee and cannot be returned.
  • Individuals receiving HSA contributions CANNOT have other health insurance in place (including Medicare).

Investing your HSA

  • Just like a traditional savings account, your HSA earns interest which is not taxed.
  • This makes your HSA an effective component of your retirement strategy. Once your account meets a certain threshold ($1k), you can invest in mutual funds to maximize your HSA earning potential.

Options to fit your needs:

  • No-risk, federally-insured cash account
  • Low-risk Yield Plus
  • Varying risk mutual funds

For a complete list of expenses covered by your HSA; see IRS Publication 502, “Medical & Dental Expenses

Incredible Health will contribute $750 annually* for employee-only coverage and $1,500 for all dependent tiers.

*The HSA employer contribution is split up over 24 (semi-monthly) or 26 (bi-weekly) pay periods. If you start after January 1st, the employer HSA contribution is pro-rated amongst the remaining pay periods in the year.

Incredible Health's HSAs are administered by Rippling.

The Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allows you to make pre-tax deductions from payroll and then use those pre-tax funds to pay for certain types of eligible expenses:

Healthcare F.S.A.: Allows you to contribute up to $3,050 of pre-tax funds to pay for medical, dental and vision expenses for you and your dependents that are not covered by insurance and must be paid out-of-pocket.  Note: This plan cannot be utilized if you are participating in the Cigna HDHP with H.S.A.

Dependent Care: Allows you to contribute up to $5,000 of pre-tax funds to pay for dependent daycare expenses for your children who are under age 13 years of age to allow the parent or parent(s) to work, look for work or participate in a qualified education program.  Note: This program cannot be used if there is a stay at home parent in the household.

Limited-Purpose Medical FSA: (also referred to as a Limited-Purpose FSA) is for employees who are contributing to an HSA at any point during the plan year. Under a limited-purpose FSA, eligible expenses are limited to ONLY qualifying dental and vision expenses for you, your spouse, and your eligible dependents.

The plan year runs from 6/1/2023 to 5/31/2024, so you must use all of your F.S.A. funds by 5/31/2024, with the exception of a $610 rollover for the Healthcare F.S.A. only. Up to $610 of unused funds in your healthcare F.S.A. can rollover into the following plan year.  Eligible expenses submitted (online, fax, debit card, etc.) to Navia will be reimbursed promptly.

Eligible Healthcare F.S.A. Expenses (Partial List of Examples):

  •     Deductibles
  •     Co-insurance
  •     Co-payments
  •     Dental expenses
  •     Eyeglasses and contact lenses
  •     Contact lens solutions and supplies
  •     Lasik corrective surgery
  •     Diabetic supplies
  •     Orthodontia treatment
  •     Rx co-payments
  •     Certain over-the-counter medications
  •     Acupuncture/Chiropractic
  •     Psychiatrist/Counseling

Eligible Dependent Care F.S.A. Expenses (Partial List of Examples):

  • Daycare
  • Preschool
  • Summer Day Camp
  • Babysitting
  • After School Childcare

The F.S.A. program is administered by Rippling.