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As an employee of Premier, we couldn’t be effective in achieving our mission without you. That’s why we’re continually looking for ways to enhance your employee experience, with benefit programs and perks that allow you to be successful in our work. Whether it’s caring for your loved ones, staying healthy, or creating opportunities for more work-life balance, we want to provide you with meaningful support mechanisms. Premier  employees contribute greatly to our dynamic environment, with each one of you playing a meaningful role in the success of the organization. As always, your feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

To Your Health

Premier wants to make sure that you and your family members have access to the best possible medical, dental and vision care available.

To Your Wellness

Premier believes that a happy mind and body makes a happy and successful employee, so we’re pleased to offer counseling services, discounted gym memberships, and farm-fresh produce delivery.

To Your Wealth

Peace of mind allows you to focus on other areas, like work! That’s why we think it’s important to ensure your home, family and funds are protected with comprehensive offerings of life and disability insurance, a health savings account, retirement and commuter benefits, and student loan assistance.

Ready To Enroll?

When you're ready to enroll in the various benefit plans, click here to login and complete the online enrollment forms.

To Your Health

Premier wants to make sure that you and your family members have access to the best possible medical care available. All employees are eligible for medical coverage, as are their eligible dependents including:

  • Spouse
  • State-Registered Domestic Partner
  • Child(ren) until age 26
  • Child(ren) of Domestic Partner

Anthem Blue Cross

Anthem Blue Cross Elements Choice HMO 5900 Anthem Blue Cross Elements Choice PPO 5900
Benefits In Network In Network Out of Network
Lifetime Maximum Benefit Unlimited Unlimited
    Individual $5,900 per member $5,900 $17,700
    Family $11,800 $35,400
Out of Pocket Maximum  Includes Deductible Includes Deductible
    Individual $6,400 $6,500 $19,500
    Family $12,800 $13,000 $39,000
Co-Insurance 30% 0% 50%
Office Visit $35 / $70 $35 / $35 (1st 3 visits) Ded + 50%
Urgent Care $35 Copay Ded + 0% Ded + 50%
Preventive Services/ Well Baby Care No Charge No Charge Ded + 50%
Lab and X-ray Ded + 0% Ded + 0% Ded + 50%
MRI/CT/PET 30% Coinsurance Ded + 0% Ded + 50% / $800 max
Hospitalization Ded + 30% Ded + 0% Ded + 50% / $1,000 per day
Outpatient Surgery Ded + 30% Ded + 0% Ded + 50% / $350 max
Emergency Room $250 (Waived if admitted) then Ded + 30% Ded + 0%
Acupuncture $35 Copay $35 (1st 3 visits, 20 per year) Ded + 50% (20 per year)
Chiropractic Services $35 (60 per year) $35 (1st 3 visits, 30 per year) Ded + 50% (30 per year)
- Rx Deductible* $500 Ind / $1,500 Family $500 Ind / $1,500 Family
- Generic $5 / $20 $5 / $20 Copay + 50%
- Brand Ded + $50 Ded + $50
- Non-formulary Ded + $65 Ded + $65
2018 Rates SF: 25% + Deps Cost NON-SF: 50% + Deps Cost SF: 25% + Deps Cost NON-SF: 50% + Deps Cost
- Employee only $84.47 $168.94 $116.34 $232.68
- Employee & spouse $489.71 $574.18 $674.80 $791.13
- Employee & child(ren) $354.77 $439.24 $488.63 $604.97
- Family $794.00 $878.46 $1,093.62 $1,209.96

Anthem provides dental coverage you can count on. Your Anthem dental plan lets you visit any licensed dentist or specialist you want - with costs that are normally lower when you choose one within our large network. Savings beyond your dental plan benefits - you get more for your money.
You pay our negotiated rate for covered services from in-network dentists even if you exceed your annual benefit maximum.

Dental Anthem Blue Cross
Benefits      In Network Out of Network
Annual Max $1,500
Orthodontia Lifetime Max Not Covered
- Preventive $0
- Basic (Individual/Family) $50 / $150 $50 / $150
- Major (Individual/Family) $50 / $150 $50 / $150
- Preventive 100%
- Basic  80% 80%
- Major 50% 50%
- Orthodontia Not Covered
Important Provisions
- Endodontic Services Basic
- Periodontal Maintenance Basic
- Periodontal Surgery Basic
- Oral Surgery (Simple Extractions) Basic
- Oral Surgery (Complex Extractions) Basic
Employee Monlthy Contributions
Employee Only $45.08
Employee & Spouse $99.49
Employee & Child(ren) $113.64
Family $174.04

Vision care is handled by Anthem.

Vision Anthem Blue Cross
Benefits        In Network Out of Network
Office Visit Copay $10 N/A
Materials Copay $25 N/A
Eye Exam Reimbursement 100% up to $49
- Single Vision Covered after
- Bifocal $49
- Trifocal $74
Contact Lenses $130 $92
Frames Allowance $130 + 20% $50
Eye Exam Every 12 Months
Lenses Every 12 Months
Contact Lenses Every 12 Months
Frames Every 24 Months
Monthly EE Contributions
Employee Only $6.62
Employee & Spouse $11.25
Employee & Child(ren)  $11.92
Family  $17.87

To Your Wellness

Premier encourages all employees to maintain great health and wellness. A major part of a healthy lifestyle is exercise, so we have made it easy to find fitness options near work or your home.  Premier provides a discounted gym membership to all benefited employees and discounted rates for their family members too.

One of the discounted gym memberships we sponsor is to 24 Hour Fitness. 24 Hour Fitness has locations everywhere you are! Where is the closest 24 Hour Fitness? Visit www.24hourfitness.com for location information.

To receive information on your discounted pricing send an email to 24hour@proco.global.

Options and locations include:

All Club Sport — 350 locations

All Club Super Sport — 416 locations

All Club Ultra Sport — 420 locations

Month to Month Membership available

Premier also offers discounted gym memberships to Active Sports Clubs. Active Sports has several locations. Visit www.activesportsclubs.com  for information on all locations. Offering:

  • A full-service luxury spa (location permitting)
  • An extensive group fitness class schedule (Zumba, Pilates Mat, Power Cycle, Yoga, etc.)
  • Award-winning amenities
  • And more…

To receive information on your discounted pricing, email ASC@proco.global

Premier employees can receive a special discount of 10% off ongoing produce deliveries from Farm Fresh to You.

About Farm Fresh to You
Farm Fresh to You, founded in 1992, delivers fresh, local, seasonal produce to homes and offices in the greater Sacramento region, the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. Farming organically since 1976, we partner with other local farms to bring you the best variety of great tasting produce.

It’s easy to start:

  • Visit www.farmfreshtoyou.com to sign up
  • Enter your contact information and enter PROCO for your promotion code.
  • Choose the service and the frequency of your delivery that best meets your needs
  • Exclude items you would rather not receive



To Your Wealth

Premier provides eligible employees enrolling in the medical plan allocations into an SF MRA plan based on the number of hours worked. San Francisco MRA funds can be used to reimburse IRS qualified medical expenses and will be deposited into the account on a quarterly basis. Only employees that perform work within San Francisco City limits are eligible for this benefit.

Premier is proud to offer a commuter benefits program to encourage its employees to use public transit or vanpools. This program allows employees to tap into an existing federal program (Sec 132) to pay for transit passes and vanpool expenses on a pre-tax basis. IRS limit is $265 per month for transit, and $265 for parking. Click Here for more information.

SoFi is a modern finance company that's fueling the shift to a bankless world. Our radical approach delivers unprecedented services for lending and wealth management. We evaluate applicants based on a holistic view of their financial well-being rather than a three digit score. Whether our members are looking to refinance their student loans, buy their dream home, or simply seek advice as they ascend in their careers, SoFi provides the best products and tools to match their ambitions and propel them to new levels of financial greatness.

  •  Convenience—consolidate all your student loans into a single loan
  • Flexibility—choose for a variety of loan terms
  • No Commitment—no-obligation rate quote
  • $300 Bonus—receive a $300 welcome bonus*

*$300 welcome bonus only if you sign up and refinance through the button at right

Your Cartelligent Advisor works directly for you to make buying a new car enjoyable.

Imagine having a counselor, a lawyer and a financial consultant on call whenever you need them. Actually, you don’t have to imagine it because with Resource Advisor, you already do. And, it’s included with your Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company group life and/or disability plan at no extra cost.

This support program gives you and your family private access to work/life resources, at no additional cost to you, including: counseling sessions for qualifying events; identity theft victim recovery services; legal and financial consultations; toll-free, 24/7 phone consultations and referrals from anywhere in the United States; and unlimited access to Resource Advisor online resources at http://www.resourceadvisor.anthem.com/, program name “anthemresourceadvisor”. You can also access Resource Advisor benefits by calling (888) 209-7840.


Please contact your ProCo Senior Account Manager, Grace Mendoza by phone (650) 289-3825 or by using the email form below.